Our beautiful fifteen acre Williamsburg property started out as the answer to our families dream to embrace self sufficient farm life where we could work symbiotically with nature and precious animals to provide our own sustenance while simultaneously improving the lives of the animals we so dearly love.

We quickly realized there is a great need in the farming community for education as well as desperate for many unwanted, mistreated, forgotten, and neglected farm animals.

It was at this point that we decided to form Bel Laurel Farm as a nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary. Not only do we provide a safe and loving forever home to animals in need, but we also enjoy opening our little farm to help educate the public and facilitate a love and respect for these precious animals who contribute so selflessly to the betterment of our lives! Here at the farm we focus on several important aspects of sustainable farm life while emphasizing the importance of ensuring happy, healthy, and loving care of all animals for every day of their lives. Additionally, part of our mission is to encourage everyone to enjoy the great outdoors, inspiring a closer connection with nature and all the creatures in it.


We offer full stall board for horses and families we feel could be good fits to our family farm. Board covers two grain meals per day, daily turnout, 24/7 access to quality hay, staff will hold for vet or farrier. Blankets, fly spray, or medications can be done by staff if provided by owners. Includes lighted arena with mirrors, cavaletti jumps, and some nature trails. Trailer parking possible on site, cameras on site, automatic watering system in stalls as well as automatic fly spray and fans in each stall. Very family oriented, no drama, facility which allows access to farm petting zoos and amenities when visiting. $550 per month. Military discount, multi horse discount, and potential to provide your own grain for additional discount if preferred. Guaranteed personal love and care to each resident. Owners live on site for constant access and supervision. Alarm notification of anyone entering Farm for added security as well.